The petra stone’s surface is very flat so it can fit easily into any kind of space. Especially in the store decorations can reflect the product very well. Because Petra model is modular, it can be covered with jointless joints. Petra Stone, which is produced in 4 different colors, is also suitable for modern architecture.

Paving Stone was produced to reflect the traditional, historic texture perfectly. The irregular, curved bump is in square form. With its warm colors, the Paving Stone successfully displays itself in as small an architectural spaces as possible in large areas.

The Slate Stone is the tool of creative projects and free designs with its rich color choice and its powerful character. The Slate Stone can be applied as a jointed or dry masonry wall.

The texture of the Deep Canyon stone forms deep lines shaped in hundreds of years. Produced in large size to give a full effect. Deep Canyon feels the hard, sharp texture of nature.

The Urban Stone is designed for those who like to apply slate in bulk but are looking for a more practical application. The Urban Stone is produced modularly. It facilitates workmanship without sacrificing natural appearance.

Modular formation, jointless and easy application. The modern texture of the Pratiko Stone is the source of its success in refining and natural elegance in large areas. The character is so calm enough to adapt to every irregularity, and every monotonous field is as striking as it is amazing.

The surface of the Opus Stone is very flat, which allows it to fit easily into any kind of space. Opus is modular, so it can be covered with jointless joints. Opus Stone, produced in 3 different colors, is a texture that is also suitable for modern architects.

The Castle Stone takes its power from its sharp lines. The castle stone carries the traces of old stone masters with careful murmuring. This form which we often encounter in stone buildings symbolizes the solidity, the permanence.

With its rough and irregular shape, it gives a natural air. Field Stone; The oldest material of constructions, today is the symbol of difference.

Troy Stone is the tool of creative projects and free designs with its rich color option and its powerful character. Troy Stone can be applied as a joint or dry masonry wall.

The River Stone is made up of stones that make life a source of water. This form, which the Mediterranean people use everywhere, stands out with its charming character. The River Stone is especially popular in interior and garden decorations with its soft tones

Water Rock Stone has all the texture and authenticity of the slate stone. However, the smoothed, softened lines differentiate the water slip.

You can obtain special blends by blending the standard sera-produced stones. The types, amounts and colors of the stones in the mix offer you a wide range of design possibilities. It is especially well suited to combine Field Stone, Slate Stone, River Stone, Paving Stone and Old Brick.