Our own production of dough lime, lump lime, packaged dough lime, powder agriculture lime

Calcium carbonate found in nature is the material obtained by calcination at calcination temperature (85-95 C). Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) dissociates at the corresponding temperature, giving calcium oxide (CaO) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Lime production is based on a simple roasting process. However, since the reaction is two-way, it is necessary to continuously remove carbon dioxide from the liquor.

The calcium oxide obtained from the lime kiln is called quicklime. When the water is poured on it, the heat is turned into an extinguished lime. This product is softly bagged with a slight slip to the market. This product is called dough lime among the population.

Dough Lime A specially selected, unfiltered limestone lime (Soil Lime) is dried and powdered by treatment with water and passed through a separator machine. It is made very reliable in terms of human health due to the absence of any chemical additives and is restored in the pools for 15 days after being treated with water again. Then brought to the consistency of the slipper and put on the market for packaging whitewash and lime for plastering purposes.