This kind of rock, which is preferred for creating life for black mosses, is often preferred in park and garden landscapes. Most of us are economically profitable in İzmir region, and these rocks vary locally.

Owing to its solidified coral image, this rock type, often referred to by the name of this pasta, is often preferred by aquarists for increasing the pH of water (limestone and lime content) and serving as a suitable nest for breeding fish and their offspring. Park and garden landscapes are frequently preferred due to their interesting appearance. Spaghetti stones are earned in our country especially in Muğla province.

It is volcanic rocks that are formed by cooling under intense pressure of the gas-bearing mass reaching the earth. Especially in the gardens, this kind of rock is used for struggling with weeds which help to protect the soil moisture. Recently, it has started to be used for insulation purposes due to its resistance to fire and heat retention. Lava rock is also used to adjust the pH value of the water in aquariums. This rock type country is earning an economy from Adıyaman city.

The gneisses, which are mineral-containing metamorphic rocks, vary according to the type of mineral. The gneisses, which are attracted attention due to their rich texture due to their mineral content, earn economies from Aydın province and the country. It is a precious landscape stone.

It is the product obtained during the cleaning of the production boilers used in the glass industry. It is not a natural rock type. It is the remaining product of the glass industry. It shows the color variety according to the color of glass produced by the boiler. Due to the time lapse between the technological developments in the glass industry and the cleaning of the two boilers, it has become difficult to reach this product. In the period, the imports from abroad have gained intensity. Thanks to the colors of the importer and the ability to break the light, it is used for decorative purposes in the garden and ornamental pools.

This stone, which is striking with its perforated structure and different appearance, is often used as a landscape stone in park gardens and ornamental pools.