SLATE:The slate stone, which is the result of millions of yearly labor of nature, has been used for years because of its decorative characteristics and strength for many years. It has been used extensively for this purpose, especially in historical buildings. Today, due to these characteristics, natural stone production and trade is growing day by day and is getting increasing interest.

Slate, one of the most preferred of natural stones, is a natural building stone that is extracted and processed from stone quarries by special applications. Slate stone is widely used today due to its successful results when it is used in combination with contemporary building materials. Despite the developments in building technology and new building materials that are discovered, slate stone is still frequently preferred and continues to add natural beauty to theconstruction.

ANDESITE CUBE STONE:Andesite is one of the natural stones that come up to date from the history of Anatolian Civilization. Andesite cube stone andesite plate stone and the most economical andesit production is carried out by our company. The use of andesite is increasing in our country and it comes to mind in our country in the name of andesite, Ankara. Alkalicalk, alkali character, petrographically diorite, formed in the regions where volcanic activity is taking place on the earth, and eruption series of such deep rocks. These rocks, which sometimes have a porous, gray, blackish basic color, show a greenish, brownish, reddish and mottled appearance due to the change in their older elements. In pink and gray colors, it is decorative and resistant to abrasion and slip. Summer is a preferred material for exterior insulation due to its cool, hot holding feature in winter. It is suitable for wet floors with non-slip feature. It is not affected by frost and temperature differences, does not require maintenance, and does not lose color. Compared to other natural stones, it is often preferred by the construction industry, especially municipalities, because it is durable, decorative and non-slip.

“Basalt” is one of the most preferred natural stones because it is less affected by abrasion and climatic conditions. Basalt, in different thicknesses and sizes; It is used in all stages of architectural constructions, in upper and lower buildings, in floor and wall coverings, in city streets, on pavements and in gardening. The environmental arrangements made with basalt cubic stone and basalt borders provide both an excellent appearance and no deformation. All breaking and cutting operations related to basalt are carried out in our facilities. Basalt plate stone and basalt cubic stone are the most preferred products in our country.

Tokyap granite cubic stone and plate stone can be used for years without deterioration with the aesthetic appearance of the layer made in addition to its strength. Granite natural stone is widely used in the form of granite cubic stone and plate stone cut in different thicknesses and sizes, at every stage of architectural constructions, in upper and upper structure, in floor and wall coverings, in city streets, on sidewalks and in garden arrangements. In addition to crushing materials in sizes of 10 × 10, 6 × 8, 4 × 6 cm known as granite cubic stone, we also break the 10 × 20 classical cobblestone stone seen in old historical textures. However, since this material is made to order, it is not readily available and must be requested 1 week in advance.

Granite cube stone; Has the most common use among hard landscaping products. Granite cubes are highly preferred due to their high strength value and longevity. Granite cube stone; When compared to the technical data, it has a specific weight of 2.7 t / m3, thus allowing for a lifetime of use. Of course, the smooth construction of the granite cube and the border is an important element in the strength of the product.

The most preferred dimensions among the granite cube stone products offered by Tokyap Madencilik’s domestic bazaar are: 8x10x10 cm, 6x8x8 cm, 4x6x6 cm cuts. 10x20x50 cm and 10x20x40 cm dimensions are preferred as the granite bordure.

Nowadays, natural stone products such as granite, andesite, and basalt are used in the construction. Among these natural stones, granite cubic stone is most commonly used. Wall coating, which has been surface-roughened and unpolished with special operations, and flooring applications have also become widespread recently.

Natural stone is preferred in all kinds of coatings which are carried out for granite cubic, vertical surfaces (inside and outside), flooring, stair steps and decorative purposes. “Building stone” is used for natural stones used in a wide range of fields such as road and pavement, curbstone, wall and enduring material, roof cover, coastal fortification, breakwater and dam construction, aggregate production.

Within the scope of natural stone sector, only those used for landscaping purposes are accepted as “building stone”. Examples of these are stones such as granite, basalt and andesite. The sizes and cuts of granite cuvert are different according to usage areas. These stones are used according to their sizes and shapes, on the foundations and walls of the structures, in the garden and retaining structures, in the production of curbstones, on the roads, pavements and wall coverings, in roof covers and in the production of urban furnitures.