Under pressure, underground waters with molten carbon dioxide in it melt past the calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in the regions. With water suddenly open, unpressurized aquifers and carbon dioxide fired, the calcium carbonate dissolved in the water is eposited on the rocks in very thin layers. Over time, this accumulation creates trapezoids with soft lines like pillows. Traverten is a building material that is used together with marble at the same time. It is a structure age formed by solidification of the magmium which forms diorite in the ground inside or on the surface, grayish or pinkish in color, fairly smooth when it is roken by a hammer, (It is used as parquet, borders, coating and building stone.)The explosion of the travertine from our natural stone products allows the stone to be exploded and the resulting decorative and natural looking surfaces. Traverten blasting natural stone gives aesthetic and natural appearance to the applied surfaces. Natural stone explosion travertines differ according to color options. Explosion natural stone product types; Light blasting traverten, classical blasting traverten, rustic blasting traverten, Denizli noche blasting traverten, Antalya noche blasting traverten is called natural stone.

The exploded travertine is very cost-effective, especially for length-free products. Because of its practical application and long life, it is the most used stone traverten blasting stone among blasting stone and decorative stone. Since the travertine stones from the natural stones family will be less affected by the climate changes after the application, there will be no color change in the used stones. Decorative travartan blasting stone can be used as indoor and outdoor flooring stone in interior and exterior decoration according to need. In decorative natural stones, blasting natural stones are widely used in exterior decorations such as facade cladding, garden wall stone cladding, building substructure cladding, fireplace outside pavilions, winter gardens, walls of  ornamental pools, Decoration areas.

Blasting natural stone can be used as interior decoration in all wall decorations as covering stone, it can be widely used as decorative covering on fireplace, decoration behind plasma TV unit, bedspread for decorative purposes bedspread, dining room wall decoration and decorative coating on desired surfaces of special rooms. Cleaning of natural stone is easy and effortless. In indoor decorations made of natural stone, it is enough to purge the dust on the natural stone by means of electric vacuum cleaner.

A good decorative natural stone does not need maintenance. However, if you need to clean, protect and polish natural stone decorations, you can use special natural stone care products that are suitable for decorative natural stone that you have used from the market. These products that you have used will give a visibility to the natural, bright, wet patch, preferably according to your natural stone, so that a different surface color will emerge than what you have in your natural stone. Before using natural stone care products, care should be taken to avoid dust and humidity on the surface of natural stone decorations.

GRAVEL:It is used as surface coating for parking lots and roads freely as well as for concrete construction in landscape construction. It is resistant to frost. Also used for surface coating of concrete and polyethylene pools.

DOLOMITE: It is more resistant to acidic than normal calcareous. It is used in building construction. There is a very elegant appearance beside the flower parter.

GNAYS: Its structure is mixed and coarse grain. It is pressure and draw resistant. It is used as flooring in floors.

GRANITE: It is resistant to external conditions and abrasion because it is not too porous. The colors do not fade, they accept the polish well. Due to its durability, it is used in outdoor and large buildings, basements, underwater constructions, large pools, park-road floors, mosaic walls, columns and curb stones.

LİMESTONE: It is widely used as building stone (cut and rubble stone), wall, step, flooring and pools in outdoors.

CRUSHED STONE: It is made of artificial crushed stone, granite, dolomite, basalt and limestone for concrete and asphalt. It is used as surface coating material in parking lot and road construction.

SAND STONE: It is used as floor and step in vertical coatings. Those in pure form are used as roof coverings. It is affected by rainfall and temperature differences and it wears easily.

SERPANTINE: The texture is oily, compact granules. It is very used as a covering stone because of its beautifulness and its good polish. The incombustibility is preferred to provide insulation against fire and electricity due to slow heat